Virginia Wesleyan University

College Level Examination Program



Virginia Wesleyan University participates in the University Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers a student the opportunity to obtain recognition for college-level achievement. Any currently enrolled, degree-seeking student may earn college credit through CLEP in the subject areas (listed on the next page), as well as five general areas (English composition, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences/history) according to the guidelines below.

  • Although CLEP credit is treated and accepted as equivalent to lower-level baccalaureate work, CLEP examinations may be taken and credit may be accepted at any time prior to a student's last 32 semester hours which must be taken in residence at VWU.
  • To be considered for credit, a student must score at or above the 50th percentile.
  • A student may earn up to 32 semester hours through CLEP. This credit may be used to satisfy degree requirements in the same way as the college work which the tests replace.
  • The five CLEP survey exams are general in nature. Because of the broad range of these tests, a student may take one course in the subject areas covered by the exam before taking one of the CLEP general exams. If a student has taken and passed one course in English Composition, only three semester hours (instead of six) may be received for general examination in English composition.
  • A student may not earn credit through CLEP for lower-level course work if credit has previously been earned for more advanced work in the subject area.
  • CLEP credit may not be duplicate credit. A student may not be awarded credit through CLEP for course work in which college credit has already completed the course equivalent at VWU or has transferred that credit in from another institution.
  • Credit earned though CLEP is treated as transfer credit. It is recorded in semester hours on the student's transcript, but no grades or quality points are given.
  • The appropriate academic departments, in consultation with the registrar, shall make the final decisions regarding the awarding of credit for CLEP. Credit awarded for CLEP may be revised as a result of periodic review by the faculty.